"creating a painting represents the encounter with the reality without object and possibilities"
Nathalie Dujmovic


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Painting for me is an expression. A connection to my life and emotions, both conscious and subconscious. There is seldom a plan as the creative process begins. The subject, medium and technique just emerge. An image from a dream, a detail found that is usually missed or under appreciated can surprisingly find its way to the canvas. Strokes on the usually large canvas are bolder, more gestural, adding an element of the physical to the work. Experimental at first, eventually giving way to a flow of just what feels right. There is one thing, however, that is very consistent: the complexity in my work of layering paint, symbols and mediums. Then adding, scrapping, taking away and covering up until that emotion, that expression finds it's way to the canvas. As the process nears its end, I begin to feel vulnerable. For it is a part of me, known or unknown, that is now exposed for all to see. Painting for me is a very personal experience.
"I paint to discover the unknown. It is an uncertain yet hopeful journey. I share it to take you along with me."

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